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As of 4/10/12, we are excited to have a new name, mission, and purpose.

Our new name is Explore Careers and College Majors.

Click here to visit our new location (http://wwwcareer-social-media.com).

The Explore Careers and College Majors.com specializes in  career development planning, how to choose a career, and college search major resources:

  •    Holland career tests
  •    RIASEC career tests
  •    Career aptitude tests
  •    Career personality quizzes
  •    Vocational aptitude tests
  •    MBTI tests
  •    Career finder quizzes
  •    Career interest tests
  •    Career personality tests
  •    Career interest inventories
  •    Career assessment tests
  •    Career planning web sites
  •    Career development tests
  •    Career guidance tests
  •    Behavior styles profiles
  •    Motivational gifts inventories
  •    Skills assessments

As of 4/10/12, the Learning for Life Resource Center and http://www.learning4liferesources.com are closed.  Visit HollandCodes.com.

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