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As of 4/10/12, we are excited to have a new name, mission, and purpose.

Our new name is Explore Careers and College Majors.

Click here to visit our new location

The Explore Careers and College Majors.com specializes in  career development planning, how to choose a career, and college search major resources:

  •    Holland career tests
  •    RIASEC career tests
  •    Career aptitude tests
  •    Career personality quizzes
  •    Vocational aptitude tests
  •    MBTI tests
  •    Career finder quizzes
  •    Career interest tests
  •    Career personality tests
  •    Career interest inventories
  •    Career assessment tests
  •    Career planning web sites
  •    Career development tests
  •    Career guidance tests
  •    Behavior styles profiles
  •    Motivational gifts inventories
  •    Skills assessments

As of 4/10/12, the Learning for Life Resource Center and http://www.learning4liferesources.com are closed.  Visit HollandCodes.com.

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